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Tank Gas Program

Overview of Services

The Tank Gas Program serves as a liaison between the campus community and the contract gas provider. It is responsible to track all incoming/outgoing cylinders to ensure the proper delivery and return, to pay invoices, decreasing the amount of paperwork going through all University departments, and to ensure contract compliance.


Contract gases will be delivered within 2 business days when the tank order is placed prior to 1pm.


Logging in to order tanks

All users internal to Stony Brook University must log in using their Stony Brook NETID.  Additionally you must be set up in ERAS as an iLab User before you can log into the iLab software.  Please wait 24 hours for the user's account to be added to the iLab software after entering in ERAS. 


Kathleen Hill | Director

071 Life Sciences Building

Stony Brook NY 11794-5200

631-632-8528 - External

631-632-0820 - Internal


After Hours Emergency: Contact Airgas at 1-800-707-8915

Location and hours of operation

  Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm



071 Life Sciences Building

Stony Brook NY 11794-5200



Links to iLab Software Tutorials

How to Log In

Using your Home Page

Managing Lab Settings (for Lab Managers and PIs) 

Adding Users and Funds to ERAS - ERAS FAQs

How to Order Tanks and Return Tanks


Payment Requirements

OSA electronic billing does not allow SBF funds for payment. SBF funds can be routed through the Research Foundation. Please contact Grants Management for more details. 



Name Role Phone Email Location
Kathleen Hill

631-632-8528 (Ext) or 631-632-0820 (Int)