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Supply Center




Overview of Services

Principal Investigators and researchers seeking to order products from the OSA Supply Center must login at the top right corning of this page. In order to maintain the best client contact, PIs (or financial managers) will need to add their researchers to ERAS who will be submitting orders to the Supply Center. User and billing information is maintained in a secure and confidential environment. Important Note: A single account will qualify you for all cores. If you have successfully logged into iLab for other cores using iLab at Stony Brook, you will be able to log in here. 


Viewing products available before logging in

Please scroll down to the Products section below if you have not logged in. You may use the keyword search or filtering option to search for a particular product.  

If you do not see your product, please log in and submit a special order request for any product you require by going to the Order Products Here tab. 


Logging in to order products

All users internal to Stony Brook University must log in using their Stony Brook NETID.  Additionally you must be set up in ERAS as an iLab User before you can log into the iLab software.  Please wait 24 hours for the user's account to be added to the iLab software after entering in ERAS.


Help Tutorials

If you require additional assistance with ordering products or using the iLab software, please view the tutorials below by clicking the links. 

Login Tutorial

Home Page Tutorial

Ordering Products Tutorial

Adding Users and Funds to ERAS - ERAS FAQs



Kathleen Hill

071 Life Sciences Building

Stony Brook NY 11794-5200



Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

8:00 am to 12:30 pm

1:00 pm to 4:30 PM 

   071 Life Sciences Building 


Name Role Phone Email Location
Kathleen Hill

631-632-8528 or 631-632-0820