DNA Sequencing Core


Overview of Services

The Genomics Core Facility at Stony Brook is charged with the mission of facilitating all aspects of research related to genetics/genomics at Stony Brook University.

The facility aims to provide scientists at Stony Brook with the tools required to maximize their research.

In the longer term, it is hoped that this facility will pave the way for Stony Brook to become a center of excellence in translational medicine, with particular emphasis in human genetics.

The following represent some of the methods/tools which are now available in our facility.

We have an open door policy in our facility and welcome both customers for our services and collaborations.

We are always interested in new projects!



Director - Dr. Dmitri Gnatenko




Location and hours of operation

Genomics Core Lab
BST L5, Rm. 151
Stony Brook, New York 11794-8085


9-5 Monday - Friday

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DNA Sequencing


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New Users: Logging in and Getting Started in iLab

Managing Lab Settings (for Lab Managers and PIs)

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Submitting a DNA Seq Request

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Name Role Phone Email Location
John Schwedes
Core Manager
(631) 444-6406

Lili Li
(631) 444-6849